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Single photography versus a series of photography

Does a single photography can speak more to the spectator rather than a series of photography or the other way around? I think none of these two answers are the ultimate answers, if a single photo can speak by itself, it is fine, but if you need several photography to illustrate a story, then it is fine as well. What really matters in the end is the result no? I mean whatever it needs to bring to your goal you […]

It’s never too late to learn!

I am in my 40`s now and started photography only three years ago. It is quite old for starting photography (or any art) compared with photographers who grew-up with a camera in hand. Inside the photographic knowledge, there is the practice and the gear, trying to make something out of it, of course, but there is, above all, the culture, the literacy. I didn’t know what I was about to discover, thanks to my best friend, who taught me how […]

A New Section on the website: the Wish List page

A New Section on the website: the Wish List page. The books that are interesting me (to buy for instance) will be listed there. Or simply books that have taken my attention. Of course this will be an evolving section as I will add some books but also I may rewrite the reviews as I will have bought the books… One source of inspiration is the Japanese website called Shashasha.

Shin Yanagisawa – Untitled

As I mentionned, Yanagisawa did not published many books in his life. This one is a retrospective of his work. The concept is interesting, basically we follow him as he goes through Japan starting from the North then going step by step to the South. We have mostly landscapes here, sometimes urban landscapes when he goes to big cities throug his journey but also everyday scenes of human life. We could almost call it street photography in the documenting aspect […]

What Is A (Very) Good Photography

Let my try to answer to this difficult question; potentially very controversial but here is just my humble point of view, you can of course disagree with me. First, I would say it should be well composed. I mean that everything that should be there, are there, at the right place ; this is often translated by the rule of thirds or the golden rules (rectangle, spirale, triangle,…). That is a kind of basic to make a good photography. Then […]

My Experience Printing In A Darkroom

I hate post-processing. Frankly, I find it boring and hazardous. Boring as the tools you have at the glance of your hand offer so many options that you don’t know which ones are necessary and with which tool you should start. Hazardous because you can spend many long hours not even being able to decide of the right version of a picture,;coming back over the same image again and again, rather than being out shooting. I just prefer the jpeg […]

Should you shoot alone?

For me the answer is direct: NO. I think you need to be 2, for me that’s the perfect number to go walking and go around the place. Many famous photogrpahers have somebody with them when they go shooting: Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Gilden, Alec Soth, Eugene Smith, the list is long and as you can see it is not the  average joe photographers; they are the real things and they do it by pair. It is not necessaraly an […]

My Ricoh

Apart of my medium format, I own a Ricoh GR2. It is also a fantastic little machine. First, it is very light. It has small dimensions and can fit in your pocket; I have although a neck strap and a hand strap but it is just in case I have to take a shot quickly instead of taking it out from my pocket where it fits easily… Then, it has the special preset high contrast black and white, which I […]