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10 Things Todd Hido Teached Me About Photography

Not everything has been done before. Go and do your work. You can see where it leads and how it fits once it’s made. I see things differently in the dark. Night is a quiet time without as much going on. The world moves slower. Lots of things disappear into the darkness. Ambiguity is one of the finest tools for making art. In my way of thinking, images should raise more questions than they answers. Sometimes you take a picture […]

Digital vs Analog – 5 Reasons To Choose

5 reasons to shoot digital and not analog You have a lot of choices of brand new camera from reasonably cheap to very expensive that are coming every year. You can even shoot with your smartphone. One can shoot, shoot and shoot, only your SIM card will limit you but it usually means thousands of pictures. You can instantly see the result on your camera and already decide to keep it or not. You can « easily » post process them as […]

My Best Friend

I will list the things that make a strong bound up with the person I call my best friend. My best friend is a she and I am a he She gave me support through the long depression moments She teached me photography We walked hundreds and hundreds of kilometers together She’s pretty We shoot together We do « Line » together She can get really upset at you She’s young even she feels and says she’s old We like more or […]

Pentax 67 shots

Pentax 67 shots. Few months ago I bought myself a Medium format camera, a Pentax 67 with a 90mm lens (46MM for 35mm equivalent). It is a beast, a monster with more than 2kg of weight. I used to have as medium format a Rolleiflex so 6×6, square picture format, it is beautiful, I love it but it is a bit limited with this square format. So as my best friend bought herself earlier another 6×7 beast, I also decided […]

Ten photo books that I love

Ten photo books that I love Here is my list of my favorites 10 photo books. I will try to explain them but from the perspective on how they are different from each other, what make them so special compared with others. Later I will make a more detail and special review of each one of those books. Shinya Arimoto – Tokyo circulation. This book is unique, first by it’s format, like the Todd Hido’s ones, it is a huge […]

Shinya Arimoto – Tokyo Circulation

One of my favorite book. The book is huge and it is protected with a cover that make it even more impressive. But the good thing, apart being a beautiful object, is that the photos are huge also; so it deserves the medium format of the cameras that Arimoto have used (Rolleiflex 2.8F but mostly with an Hasselblad 903SWC) that are square 6×6 cameras. Shinya Arimoto is bringing us into the wildlife of Shinjuku in Tokyo, most of the shots […]

Todd Hido – Excerpts From Silver Meadows

My favorite book from my favorite photographer. Everything in there is very cinematic. I just don’t know how to describe his work apart from this word, cinematic, the images are so much talking to me, from an emotional perspective, not a specific one, but just the one that moves your guts, blow your mind, everytime you look at it. He usually shoots mostly three things. First, landscapes, from his car, so you always have some rain/fog appearing on the photo […]

Trent Parke – Minutes to Midnight

One of my first book I bought. Hence maybe one of the influence on my work, specially nowadays. His book is made after a road trip of about 90.000 km in two years. So in a way it has a bit a road trip atmosphere and pictures related. The photos are quiet diverse, from some kind of street photography to more abstract or fine art photography. But most of the time he’s playing with light especially for the ones made […]