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Autumn leafs

Autumn leafs. Today I just went outside, with no real intention to shoot but I took my camera, again I shooted a part of the session in colors. Yes I said the last time that I will not be for a while but colors you can find in Japan during Autumn are just extraordinary, you cannot avoid to shoot in color for some of them. I will add in Mitani Monogatari section of this website or here but they will be […]

Print swap exhibition

Feature Shoot / Print Swap editors have selected two of my pictures for a curation on their side ; and for an exhibition in New York City. The exhibition is located in the ROOT Studios, and will be held in December 2018. Moreover this selection made me very happy as this is the first time for me to publish pictures in colours. Hence colours is not usual for me as I shoot 99% of the time with high contrast, black and […]

HIELO Band photoshoot

Last week, a band called HIELO, a rock band from Osaka, invited me to photoshoot them. We spend most of the day together, trying to get the best pictures for them to promote themselves, as they don’t have yet a website, nor any materials for flyers etc… This was a very new experience for me. As I usually shoot portrait or street photography only. But they seemed convinced by the result so I am really happy for this. We started […]

NYC4PA – Juror’s selection and honorable mention

NYC4PA – mentions achievement. I am delighted to announce that the juror of NYC4PA has selected two of my photography for the Summer 2018 edition. Hence I am so pleased and proud by this announcement. Juror’s selection Honorable mention

B&W Minimalism N.13

B&W Minimalism N.13 I am featured the number 13 of B&W Minimalism magazine with a various set of works extract.      


BRUCE GILDEN: ANOTHER JAPAN, UNTOLD & AGITATED Bruce Gilden went to Japan at the end of the nineties bringing with him his recognizable style: black and white (at that time), sometimes really up close, and flash; as well as his interest for the alternative, the different. Gilden is a close-up artist. He is in the action, with his subjects. The portrait he makes of them is not always flattering but always depicting a certain truth, the hidden side of things. […]

朝日 – Asahi – Morning sunrise

朝日 – Asahi – Morning sunrise. So here comes some colour pictures.