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Featured in Edge Of Humanity

I am happy to announce that I am featured in Edge Of Humanity with Nocturnus.

New pictures in Mitani Monogatari

New pictures in Mitani Monogatari. I decided to make evolve the Mitani Monogatari project to a new stage. I will include chapters represented by the seasons that makes Mitani leaving at the pace of the countryside. Obviously at the moment there is winter and now I have just added spring. Hopefully I will be able to make summer anf fall from now on.

I changed my life

Yes, I changed my life. I was a salaryman, freshly arrived in Japan in 2014, I work in the Automotive industry in Marketing. And frankly this is not what I can do, at least, at this stage. What I mean by stage, is depression. I always suffered from depression but this time it is really hard, it is the second time I’ve been put in sick leave ; and this sick leave can last for 2 years. Many reason for depression, […]

Featured in curated instragram stream

I am happy to announce that I am featured with the above picture in the curated instagram of Please visit their stream as they have really strong images. Many thanks

Bokeh Or Not Bokeh?

Difficult question for some people no brainer for other, the question is quiet controversial in the photographic world. Should I shoot with a small aperture or a large one, which effect I want to give to my picture or which is my taste in term of final rendering ? The last one is the most critical, bokeh is a matter of taste most of the time. And considering time the more you grow with photography the more you will have to […]

My Experience Printing In A Darkroom

I hate post-processing. Frankly, I find it boring and hazardous. Boring as the tools you have at the glance of your hand offer so many options that you don’t know which ones are necessary and with which tool you should start. Hazardous because you can spend many long hours not even being able to decide of the right version of a picture, coming back over the same image again and again, rather than being out shooting. I just prefer the […]

Why I Shoot People So Close

…I shoot people closely, I mean real close, only few centimeters from their face to my camera. But why I want to do it ? Why I shoot people so close ? First my camera is a 28mm wide angle camera so I have no choice but to be real close if I really want to do some close-up portrait. But this doens’t explain why I want to do it with this gear and why so close. I could take their […]