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Why Black And White Fits The City Of Tokyo So Well

Tokyo is grey to my perception. Yes, you can find some bits of color here and there. But they seem lost and faded through chaos, not helping for the harmony. You could tell me: Then why not taking chaos in color? Well, add chaos to chaos, and to me, it ends up to a no-taste type of melting “something”… Black and white fits Tokyo, definitely. Tokyo is chaos, but full of shapes. You want to glorify these shapes. The old faded, […]

I shoot emotional

I shoot emotional My photo buddy told me that. I shoot emotionnal. I was so pleased that she told me this about my photography, as it is so meaningful to me. But in a sense what is shooting emotional ? For me, I just shoot because it is essential, vital to me, as I already explained in my previous post (Why I take pictures?) I am not sure that I am particulary shooting emotional, I just shoot, period. Maybe this comes […]

Eyeshot Magazine

I am happy to be featured in the street photography oriented Eyeshot Magazine, on their website as well as their instagram account. The project they have chosen is Nocturnus.

Skies and Lines

Indeed it is all about Skies and Lines. So it is all about, geometrical figures of lines between the skies and some lines you can find around.  

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